Monday, October 14, 2013


One year today! About this time last year, A and I were in The Container Store discussing baskets or something. I laughed and said I had come up with the name for a blog and she said we had to do it. A day or so later, she'd gotten everything registered and we haven't looked back. Until today, when we look back on what this year has been for us.

72 posts, not including this one, which account for over 9,550 views on the blog itself. People who search for us come looking for "TARDIS bleach shirt", "Jack Harkness Vortex Manipulator", and on at least two occasions, шаблоны силуэт тардис (which apparently means  "silhouette template TARDIS"). Lot of Whovians on the internet. I just hope they all find each other.

In one year, we've amassed 107 Likes on Facebook. (One of them is likely you. And if it isn't, might we direct you to Like us on this page?)

Our Etsy shop has 1,045 views, with over 70 favorites of various items and the shop itself. We've sold 28 items in the past year, with about half of those being our Zelda Valentines. We didn't start the blog to make money, but we're glad that the folks who want comic book coasters, TARDIS bleach aprons, and pop-up Valentines can get them. On Etsy, they come looking for "Mass Effect" coasters, with the Zelda Valentine being our most viewed item. We've shipped WOPC product to 26 people in 20 states (We're huge in Ohio), only one of whom have we known before. (Hey, Derek!) We've had custom orders and even have two commissions on our tables right now for Halloween and Christmas, respectively. So, if you see something you want, email us and we'll get started on it.

Our most viewed post is Rustic Rag Quilt (1,208 views and rapidly counting) which it did in only 5 weeks. (It's also been pinned on Pinterest, no joke, nearly 400 times.) For the first six months of the blog, Toilet Paper Pumpkins was the juggernaut but things evened out. Our least viewed article is the recent Side Table Graveyard at 7 views, but be nice, he's new.

WOPC Anniversary Top 10
1. Rustic Rag Quilt - 1,208
2. Tea Wreath - 494
3. TARDIS Tree Topper & Garland - 349
4. TARDIS Silhouette Shirt - 329
5. Vortex Manipulator, Pt. 1 - 294
6. Wal-Mart Hack: 3-Shelf Bookcase - 171
7. TARDIS Build Document - 160
8. The Pick of Destiny - 151
9. Scrabble Shadow Box & Bookmarks - 139
10. HirstArts Castlemolds - 130

Over the year, we've posted over a dozen Halloween projects, eight Christmas projects, four or five recipes (depends on how you feel about Skittle vodka), 15 housewares and gifts, and projects that represent eight different fandoms. (Don't worry, Supernatural fans and Browncoats, your time will come)

In the hall of shame, we've got a couple ideas that we started and never got around to doing anything with. Project Mad-Lib never really bore fruit, and Dresden Files Personal Effects is languishing in obscurity. The Halloween Grab Bag was going really well, until Cat knocked it off the table and shattered it. Twice. And we super promise to finish the Bottlecap Bar project (It got resin on there and looks amazing!) just a soon as we stain the wine racks.

The Shared Build is ongoing and some folks have received their stuff already. Our friends and family have been receiving homemade projects for a number of gift-giving holidays and to date we haven't received any complaints that they keep getting crappy nerd crafts. Next Christmas, all Perler beads all the time. We'll see if they call our bluff then...

We've done a lot of projects. We've learned a lot and have done our best to spread our love of making things. Some of you have contacted us with questions, and those are the highlights of our day, knowing that we're helping folks make the things they want to see in the world. That's why we started this blog a year ago, and it's still true today. Thank you so much for being a part of this.

From A, from J, and from Cat, keep learning and crafting the lifestyle you want to be living. We did, and we've never been happier.

Thanks. Here's to more years of With Our Powers Combined.

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