Saturday, November 17, 2012

WOPC Grab Bag Challenge #1

Hey there, fans. We're introducing an idea that we hope to revisit regularly: the Grab Bag Challenge. WOPC GBC #1 is Halloween themed because of course it is. Also, it's what was available for $2 at Michael's. The plan is to pick up this sort of offering periodically and plan at least one project (if not  a couple) using ingredients from the Grab Bag. It's like Chopped, but for crafts.
So, what did we get this time? Let's take a look:

Starting from the left, it looks like sparkly Halloween decorations on sticks: couple of skulls, a pumpkin or two, wooden cat cutout, and a large witch hat in orange. Next up, two resin hooks with Qs, some foam wrap tape, and a plethora of vinyl window clings in cartoon Halloween theme. Top center is a feather and My Little Pony-tail headband "costume", a resin cross in rustic bark finish, funfoam ghost kit, and Halloween decoration balls. The last column is Halloween paper crinkles, cupcake/cookie decorating stencils, and two pairs of coasters in navy floral and stripe.

Wow. Just... wow. On the one hand, we appreciate a challenge. On the other hand, I can see how this ended up a $2 grab bag at a craft store. We're formulating a plan. So, here's where you guys come in: We're open to ideas, ways of looking at this bundle of Halloween joy, or techniques you're keen to see us tackle on the blog. What would you do with this bounty? We'll be posting our answer in the next couple weeks, and we can all get together and compare notes.

And you thought we were done with Halloween...

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  1. Wow is right. The coasters have a nice nautical look as is, or could be incorporated into some sort of grid wall hanging after applying paint/writing.
    The paper crinkles could provide some nice texture to something. I was going to say paper mache, but sometimes that paper gets gross and color-runny when wet...
    Good luck with those window clings.