Thursday, April 4, 2013

Project Mad Lib

As we approach the 6 month anniversary of With Our Powers Combined, J and I are feeling a bit like Cat in the above picture.  We love crafting and how the blog has enhanced our lives, and hopefully we've been able to motivate you to try some DIY.  However, sometimes we get stumped and the creativity doesn't flow as constantly as we'd like.  We look to our inspiration spaces, typically the internet, and spend a lot of time brainstorming out loud about what to do next, but it sometimes leads to being passed out drunk in a craft drawer.

So, it's time for you to challenge us.  Spark our creativity!  Let the inspiration come full circle!  It's time for Project Mad Lib!  Here's where you come in:  Most of our projects could be classified by three categories, and we'd like you to provide possibilities for each. 

Category #1:  Theme/Subject Matter - In the past this has been such things as Dr. Who, Comic Books, Halloween, Pin-up, etc.

Category #2:  Material - Although our projects are not often made out of only one thing, there is usually a primary material.  Some examples have included fabric, paper, metal, leather, recyclables, tile, etc.

Category #3:  Object - This is the primary crux of a project, and often where we get stumped.  I'm overly practical and tend to only think of things that are necessary or useful in some way.  Creativity should not be bound by such things!  Examples of objects we've made include tree toppers, bracelets, coasters, bookends, etc.

The plan is to compile a list for each category from reader comments/posts and then pull an idea from each category out of a hat to form a completely unique, original project.  If it works as well as we hope, we might pull out several sets and see what we can come up with.  Who knows, this might be epic or it might be an epic fail, but the fun lies in the unknown!

Theme(Object x Material) = Creativity

So, to participate, get your idea to us in one of many, many ways:
When posting, please include the category you are posting for and your brilliant idea!  We plan to stick to the plan, so please be kind in your Material posts and don't request items made out of gold or diamonds.

Let the games begin!


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  2. 1. Harry Potter - books (my fave!)
    2. Paper
    3. Flowers

  3. 1. Americana
    2. Recycleable
    3. Yard/garden