Monday, December 17, 2012

TARDIS Build Document

J here. Though later than expected, I've got the TARDIS Construction Plans. Contained therein, all the dimensions, lists, instructions and templates you need to build your own TARDIS from scratch. Only a couple pages need to be printed, everything else you can use for reference. Or heck, print it all out and take measurements directly from the plans I used when I built mine, up above.

This build is for a TARDIS Tree Topper, but there's no reason these plans couldn't be applied to any other 1:16 TARDIS project. Or, with some math and ingenuity, pretty much any other scale as well.

Again, all credit to the folks at TARDIS Builders and all rights to the BBC who snuck a victory in British courts over the London police who never copywrote their blue police box design.

We'll have some links in the next day or so for instructional video on some advanced techniques, including foamcore rabbeting and beveling matteboard. Check back soon for those updates!

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  1. Hi, I'm looking for the advanced techniques video that you mention in the building documents. I can't find your Youtube channel. Thanks!