Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Preview

Hey there, family, friends, and fans of all ages. We're just too excited by the upcoming holiday to be able to keep some secrets to ourselves. So, we'd like to take a post and talk about some big projects that we've been working on but had to keep secret... Until now!
For the replica fans out there, you'll enjoy the ████████████ built off one of the greatest movies of all time. I think ██████ will really dig it.

Meanwhile, our ███████ is a fan of ████. This gave us a chance to make some Scrabble tiles, and the board, into a custom piece that combines all their favorite ███████.
Speaking of Scrabble tiles, we think you'll love the ███████s I built for my ██████████. It uses the same techniques as our DIY Scrabble ornaments, but I think you'll agree that they're just as well suited to ███████████s.
Rounding out some more favorites, these sexy little ██████████ are a fun use of color and pattern, while also serving as a cautionary tale of waiting until the last minute to order your ████████████. If you want a set, act now, because apparently we bought some of the last ones available on Earth!
Of course, these aren't everything. But over the next few weeks, we'll be talking about all of these in detail. Thanks for coming with us for the last four months, and looking forward to the year ahead. We've got some exciting ideas coming up, and as always, we'd love to hear from you, our loyal fans, what you'd like to see us approach in the future. You never know, we might just starting giving things away!
So, from all three of us here at With Our Powers Combined, have a Merry Everything and a Happy Always.
-A, J, and Cat

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  1. PLease help! This is an amazing idea. I think my son will just love it. I am having trouble with the star. Please provide me if you can the measurements of the star and background. The page will not load that contains the template and I am driving myself nuts with pieces of paper and cardboard all over the house trying to make it work. Thank you for your idea and help.