Saturday, July 12, 2014

Resuming Transmission

Preferred brand over Do-It-Acceptably.
Since last time, we've undertaken two completely new projects. One is completing our relocation from the desert of the American Southwest to the verdant meadows of the Midwest (West, as always, being very relative to how much you consider East). That move made the spray booth project necessary, as there were abruptly seasons and precipitation and humidity, oh my. That move has ultimately resolved itself into our first permanent base of operations, a converted bedroom in our new (to us) house. We have some posts lined up on a fun paint treatment...

And some marvelous themed wedding attire...

And a surprise appearance of some Supernatural iconography that will help visitors to our home feel very welcome!

We also attended the local Maker Faire recently and have started a conversation with a nearby maker space which will help offer classes, open up fabrication options for us, and possibly lead to WoPC classes being taught in our neck of the woods! We'll let you know if that becomes a thing.

We should also note that in addition to some fun household projects for breaking in our new place (and maybe brightening up yours!) there will be some projects in the coming months, and likely the years beyond, on a collaboration that A and I have been working on for a little while. We'll have more news in the future but the project is assumed finished sometime in mid-January.

We won't be providing a step-by-step tutorial on this one. Lots of sites cover this one in, uh, detail.
Sorry for the delay, but we will be getting things back on track from here on out. We even have "Blog Post" as one of the weekly items on our new refrigerator printable. You know we'll get to it now that it's on a list!

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