Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cloth Continued

This week I'm blogging about a blogger and her blog.  Yeah, I think I got that sentence right.  My aunt has begun a new blog about her passion for the crafting lifestyle and how it should be shared as a legacy for generations.  I invite you to take a peek at her first couple posts to get a better sense than I can give you secondhand.

Linnca, my aunt, has been working in and around the fabric and craft industry for most of her life.  She is a pro at things I can only dream about doing with a sewing machine.  When I was younger, I used to "work" for her making scrunchies and accompanying her to craft shows when she had her own apparel company.  She's helped J and I through numerous fabric purchases, and even worked with my mother and I on the bridesmaids' dresses for my wedding.  But none of this seemed particularly noteworthy to me until I realized how many people do not have an Aunt Linnca in their lives.

Linnca's desire to pass on her knowledge and skills to a younger generation is commendable.  If it weren't for her and my mother (her sister), I wouldn't know how to sew.  I wouldn't have spent countless rainy days inside as a child painting pictures and making things out of yarn.  I wouldn't have spent a few years as an art major in college, started my own business as a paper crafter in grad school, or started this blog with J. 

She's right; crafting is a dying art.  Some mediums are dying out quicker than others.  And I believe that part of J and I's personal mantra of crafting a lifestyle includes teaching others how to join in the fun and creativity.  With that said, here's to Linnca, one of the women who has provided me with support and inspiration!  And here's to a life of crafting, and teaching others to craft a lifestyle.  Pass it on!

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  1. Thanks for the "e-hug" You & J are exactly what my hope is to carry on.
    Love L :)