Friday, October 19, 2012

Candied Delicacies

J doing the write up on one of A's papercrafts. I glued things to stuff! I helped.
Our haunted attractions skew towards a look I like to call "Elegant Spookhouse". Maybe it was the Haunted Mansion at Disney as a kid or something, but I like to contrast decadence with decay. Sort of Addams Family. (No promotional consideration is offered by these entities or the candy companies to be named shortly. Though we would gladly accept sponsorship) To that end, we like nice place settings with body part food or elegant frames with tarnished mirrors. Contrast is key. So the inspiration for these foodstuff labels comes from design.wash.rinse.repeat.
You'll need:
-Fancy glassware (check the dollar store or, if you are lucky to have one, The Container Store)
-Paper or cardstock for printing
-Spray adhesive or glue
-Cutting tools, hole punch
-OPTIONAL: Sandpaper
A designed the labels in Publisher using some free fonts and design details. We pulled some graphics and clip art, sized to what we needed, and added little descriptions where appropriate. Everything got scaled to the container in question, so feel free to play with the size to match your containers. Once they got printed onto some nice linen cardstock they were cut out using a combination of paper cutter and old fashioned scissors.
The tag was attached by punching some holes and tying the card to the apothecary jar with black ribbon. The others were sprayed with adhesive and attached directly to the container. I hold the card in needle nose pliers and spray in the yard. No overspray, and the pliers both keep your hands from getting sticky and leaving a large patch un-adhered. 3M's Super 77 spray adhesive works on almost everything and dissolves readily with Goo Gone when you want clean glassware in the future.

We paired the candies as follows: Decomposing Eels are black licorice whips in a tall apothecary jar with an added "spring" factor that they are slightly longer than the container, so they pop up when opened. Happy accident. Bat Guano is Hershey's Pieces with Almonds with the light ones removed and eaten separately during fabrication (though real bat guano "comes in a wide spectrum of colors that include white, yellow, brown, hazel, gray, black, and red"). Hershey's Cookies'n'Creme Drops provide the Iguana Eggs, which were going to be Jelly Bellies labelled as 'Salamander Eggs' up until a late editorial decision. The Night Crawlers are, of course, actual worms.

If you like the idea but aren't keen on building the art yourself, well, you can use ours. Let us know which debauched delectables you make for yourselves and share some pictures with us.

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